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How to prepare the perfect rice dish every time

Each dish has its own secrets that have nothing to do in compliance to the recipes. Rice is also on those dishes that hold many secrets, but once you get to know them you will see how easy they are to apply.

Pre-cooking stage

Wash the rice: Wash the rice three or four times at least and soak only in drinkable water or cooking water because it contains large amounts of vitamins and minerals that can turn the rice into a healthy food. Also, this method helps prevent the rice from sticking and gives it the "fluffy" appearance.

Standard water measures to cook rice: Try to have a consistent standard amount that depends on the size of the pot, and the result will be scrumptious rice and perfect appearance every time.

Pan type: Tefal pans are the preferred ones to use or stainless steel pans, avoid aluminum, copper, and the steam escape cover, because it will smash the rice as you will notice from experience.

Cooking stage

Added oil: Adding a small amount of oil without mixing or mashing the rice.

Other added ingredients: whether it is vermicelli or meat or chicken or others they should preferably be at room temperature and not cold.

Cooking temperature: You should deal with rice as if you are baking; an increased amount of heat can cause the water to evaporate quickly without cooking the rice properly.

The spilling and presentation stage

After the end of the cooking stage turn off the heat under the rice and let rest for 10 minutes without lifting the lid, then turn over the pot in a serving plate gently, without squeezing it together and try not to use the spoon unless needed.