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How To Stay Germ Free In Public Restrooms

Hate using shared toilets? We reveal the tricks to remain as germ free as possible.

First,to avoid bacteria, you should use the bathroom stall closest to the entrance. It’s probably the cleanest because most people avoid using this one and usually go straight to the ones in the middle.

The toilet seat is usually the cleanest part of most bathrooms, possibly because people put tissue down before sitting on it or wipe the seat before they leave. You can either wipe it clean before using it or lifting it up.

Toilet paper dispensers are usually filthy with 150 percent more bacteria on the toilet paper dispenser than on the toilet seat, we recommend you always carry around a box of tissues of your own.

When washing your hands, we suggest that you use a paper towel to turn on a screw top tap, use antibacterial soap, and dry your hands with a paper towel.

You should also use the paper towel to turn off the tap and to open the bathroom door, to avoid bacteria spreading from those items as well.