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How to train your kids to acquire good habits

Dear mothers you must feel that a great responsibility has been entrusted to you in raising your children through the stages of psychological changing and growth, which is often accompanied by bad habits that the child has acquired during his discovery of life. To help him have a kind of stability and to identify the potential and ability to influence others it is required that the parents the mental state of their child and to enable him to acquire good habits.

Sticking to the general and house rules

The disobedience of the child to instructions is considered as the most common behavior disorder in different stages of life, and it is here where the parents have a key role through seamless methods to convince the child of the importance of complying with instructions.

For example, you must tell the child: eat lunch because we are going out and we will not be able to eat outside. Also do not forget that a big number of laws causes rebellion and stubbornness so make sure to give affection while giving him orders.

Love others and accept other children

The ability to interact with others is the emotional state that requires internal and external skills. This is why parents need to be patient and help the child when he feels shy and hiding behind his parents. The parents also need to take into account the general situation of the child in case he has any physical or emotional problems.

Participation and altruism

This stage begins between brothers and is passed by to the school and friends circle, this is where the parents begin planting confidence in the child and encourage to participate in activities with his surroundings.


A patient child is the dream of many parents, the image of the child screaming and crying and kicking the ground with his feet and his high voice is the prevailing method of expression in children under five, after this age, it becomes easy for the child to verbally direct persuasion and to engage in dialogue.

Polite speech

It is a habit that is similar to the one complying with the rules which you need to start practicing at a very young age, so when he speaks in a bad manner quietly explain that people do not speak this way and the nice things to say would be this or that word.