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Ideas for good scents in your home

• In a simmering pot of water, or in your slow cooker, mix a handful of bay leaves, some pine twigs (cedar works as well) and nutmeg. If you have a whole nutmeg, use a microplane to grate off the outside and release the scent and then toss the whole nutmeg in to simmer (or add about a teaspoon of pre-grated nutmeg if that’s what you have on hand).

• Coming off the holiday season, you’re going to want to keep your home smelling cozy and bright. Try simmering coffee grounds and cinnamon in a low pan or slow cooker for the day. The coffee smells cozy without being too strong, and will cover any smells you’re worried about.

• When it’s still cold outside, set the mood with simmering cinnamon sticks and vanilla, or burn a cinnamon spice candle to heat things up. You also can’t go wrong with fresh rose petals for a welcome bouquet with a burst of fragrance.

• Make your home smell of spring by simmering a pot on the stove, filled about 2/3 of the way with water. Add thinly sliced lemons, a few sprigs of rosemary and a splash or two of vanilla or another springy essential oil. Your still-chilly home will smell fresh and light!

• Whether you’re overlooking the ocean or landlocked at home, having your house smell like the ocean can take you away from it all. Add sliced lemons, vanilla extract and sprigs of fresh rosemary to a simmering pan