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Iron Rich Foods

What do you think of these these critical functions in the body: the metabolism of proteins and fats, the safety of the digestive tract, moisturizing the skin and hair, the nervous system's accuracy, lack of muscle atrophy and other tissues in the body, do you want more? With the support of Iron and Vitamin B the body production of red blood cells and hemoglobin formation can thus can help prevent the development of anemia if taken regularly. Anemia is caused by iron deficiency in your diet, here are the best foods that contain a high amount of iron:


It is not only lentils that contains a high proportion of iron, but all pulses and beans as two spoons contain 50% of the iron portion in addition to fiber, protein and other vitamins.

Black Honey

It only deed may be that it is rich in sugar as it is prepared by boiling sugar canes, but it is fat-free and very rich in iron and minerals such as potassium and magnesium.

Red beans and soybeans

Inevitably there are two types of the pulses that we have mentioned, but we have mentionned them specifically since there are easily added to many varieties of food cooked or raw like salads or pasta salads.

Pumpkin pulp

It is one of the most famous snacks as it is present in many Asian recipes.

Red and White meats

Red meat and especially liver has a reputation of containing high levels of iron, heart however all kinds of different meats of chicken and fish are considered rich in folic acid, iron and copper.


Whether it was in the form of bread or breakfast cereals it provides the body with the amount of high iron make it ideal during breakfast.


It is known that eggs are a whole food and a good source of iron and protein.


The most famous source of iron as it contains an excellent ratio of plant proteins.