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Keeping Kids Busy

Though it sounds like summer is coming to its end, you can still make your children’s summer an extraordinary one

full of new experiences; even though its hard to keep them busy during the hot summer months when activities are limited to indoors. Remember that this is the perfect time to motivate your child try new hobbies.

We've rounded up best ideas to keep your kids happily busy this summer (while keeping teenage siblings entertained) without burning a hole in your wallet.

Children’s museums

Though adult museums sound deadly boring to some, children’s museums are so exciting and entertaining, even for the accompanying parent. Your little adventurer can participate in an interactive experience and enjoy the exciting live shows offered. Moreover, visiting a museum needs many hours while the after-effect could last for weeks!

Summer Festivals and Bazaars

It may be closing in few weeks or days, but take advantage while it’s there. Shopping festivals offer varied entertainment events and dozens of free activities for all ages.

Go to the beach

Sand and sea are the only rational outdoor activities during summertime, so invest in them. Furthermore, you never hear about a child who complains about going to the beach! Make your trip unforgettable and seek friends or family companionship.

Organize play dates with neighbors and friends

Inviting your child’s friends to your home will seem like a heavenly idea for your little one, but how can you keep a bunch of enquiring minds entertained? Put them in charge, allow them to become the entertainer and chef by giving them clues to play around with, roll dough and cut their favorite shapes.

Go to a home “movie”

Make the movie theatre at your place. Prepare the right seating; make the popcorn and find a suitable movie. Then invite other children a few days ahead of the show. You can choose any movie that has been well rated by previous viewers.