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Living Room decoration ideas

We all have that moment where we just feel like changing the décor without really knowing where to start. We have combined a few tips for you to give you some decorating ideas for your living room:

- Choose neutral tones for the big-ticket furnishings, including the sofa, chairs, and buffet. Splashes of daring color come from easy to-change accessories like lampshades, pillows, and curtains.

- If you’re grasping for a color scheme, pick tones from a beloved work of art. You’ll already know that they look good with one another, and the painting will help tie the room together.

- Adding new pillows and a nice throw can make it look like you’ve got a brand-new couch or armchair.

- Leather club chairs and ottomans by the fireplace, and two sofas rearranged in an "L" shape invite lounging and conversation.

- Tone down a bright wall by placing open shelving. The result is a room that’s playful but, not overpowering.

- A lamp can perform double duty as an ambient light and a piece of sculpture.