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Middle Eastern kitchens

Middle Eastern kitchens are always a busy hub for the whole family to gather, cook and eat!

Cooking is a daily ritual in most houses and therefore it is essential to have basic items at all times in the kitchen. Here’s a guide that will help you narrow down the most essential things you need:

Chicken Broth: Soups are often the easiest, healthiest, and most comforting option, especially after a long day. You should also keep some chicken (or vegetable) broth handy to help thin out heavy sauces or add moisture and flavor to any recipe.

Tomato Paste: Tomato paste is just a more concentrated form of tomato sauce, meaning there’s way more actual tomato-ey goodness in that little can. Tomato paste is also mad cheap and it’s great for pizza sauce, savory pasta sauce, or to add in any of our Middle Eastern special dishes.

Eggs: A staple of any well-stocked fridge, eggs are perfect as the star of the meal or as the perfect, protein-packed addition.

Herbs and Spices: not ALL the herbs and spices, but there are definitely a select few that will serve you well in the long run: Cumin, Oregano, Cinnamon, Cayenne, Black Pepper and Salt.

Garlic: These tiny bulbs are perfect for all your savory dishes as long as you keep your garlic love in check. Try roasting garlic for a rich caramel flavor.

Onions: Onions are such an awesome, flavorful base for so many recipes that you should always have them on hand. Onions are used in almost every single meal that you prepare so stack up!

Rice: Rice is a big essential in almost all Arab and Middle Eastern Dishes, you can never buy enough rice and it will surely make all your dishes taste amazing.