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Mixing Furniture Styles

Furniture trends come and go just like any fashion trend, but each one of us keeps a classic item somewhere. Nowhere is this more true than in furniture. However, keeping such a valuable item exhibited properly requires a good blend of current furniture styles.

This requires forward-thinking arrangements; you need to think out of the box and make your own personalized mix. The classic wooden antique pieces you have held onto for so long may be the easiest choice for adding quality finishes complementing almost any decor and giving a touch of elegance to a modern space.

These are tips to help you pull all your furniture styles together for one interconnected space:

Invest in antique

Some antique pieces may be the easiest selections for adding to any space. The value of antiques tend to complement almost any decor and either set off more lively pieces or give a touch of class to a modern space.


The key to mixing diverse colors of wood in the living room is balanced coordination. The contrast of light and dark with different lines adds interest to a living room. Harmonizing materials and accessories in the living room will help convey the diverse colors and styles of wood together.

Find your theme then unite items

Essentially, you should look for unity among pieces. Some people use fabrics or colors, but a specific flourish or detail, shape, textile or even intended use (such as mixed and coordinated bookcases) also works. If finding a theme is difficult, add small touches to help you pull the room together. For example, add similar pillows to bring the diverse seating together.

Be mindful of scale

If you have a huge wing-backed chair which has a high back, you wouldn’t want a sofa with low arms next to it as this would look out of balance. You would want to find something with a taller back. The same applies for colors and patterns.


Outline your room floor plan on a piece of graph paper. Account for windows, doorways and other architectural features existing in the room such as fireplaces. Draw your furniture in perspective, aiming for an accurate ratio of furnishings to the whole space.