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Nutritious Foods In Ramadan

With long hours of fasting and a wide spread to choose from, eating healthy at an elaborate, appetizing Iftar can sometimes be a distant dream. But that need not always be the case, because it is quite easy to eat and keep your weighing scale happy during this holy month. All you have to do is prepare and eat food made from fresh ingredients, cooked in a healthy manner for a nutritious Ramadan meal. This will keep you nourished while setting a good example for your family and friends.

Choose fresh vegetables as they contain higher amounts of vitamins and minerals

Use fresh fruits to prepare juices and serve them in moderation without adding sugar

Use low fat milk and other low fat dairy products

Avoid using butter and ghee in cooking and substitute them with vegetable oils in small amounts

Try using lean meat, fish and skinless chicken, and prepare them by grilling, boiling and baking rather than frying

For you to get all the nutrients needed by the body, your meals should contain all the basic food groups: bread and grains, fruits and vegetables, meat and legumes, milk and dairy products. Make sure to choose healthy cooked proteins and avoid fatty products and fried proteins. At the end of the day, a balanced meal and diet will help you feel energetic, full and ready for the next day of fasting.