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Rice Diet

The Rice Diet is a lifestyle diet to improve blood pressure, weight, and kidney problems as a matter of fact, the diet is low-sodium and low-saturated fats including low-protein, with a focus on moderate portions and becoming a more mindful eater.

Prepare all our dishes with whole grain brown rice and don't add salt.

You may desire more variety in your diet, but the pay-off will make it all worth it we will be giving you two choices for each meal to choose from:


cup of brown rice, one cup of fresh fruit, unsweetened coffee or tea


cup of brown rice, 1 small glass of orange juice, 2 figs or prunes, unsweetened coffee or tea


cup of brown rice with mixed vegetables, ? cup of low fat cottage cheese on a lettuce leaf and unsweetened tea


cup of brown rice, 1 cup of stewed tomatoes, raw carrots, one glass of skimmed milk


cup of fried rice, one cup of Chinese mixed vegetables, one tangerine, unsweetened coffee, tea or milk

cup of rice, 1 small piece of chicken, ? cup of boiled carrots, one pear, unsweetened coffee or tea.