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Sesame Rice High Blood Pressure Remedy

We often hear about natural and healthy cures for our daily sicknesses and diseases, and day by day we are discovering new health effects of rice that can actually improve our daily health while combined with other materials.

The latest is a new study which has found that a special blend of sesame and rice bran oils have the potential to lower high blood pressure and cholesterol naturally, providing healthcare professionals and patients alike with a natural, non-medicinal option for treating conditions that could become life-threatening.

Recent reports said the study involved 300 people in India, who had high blood pressure, known as hypertension.
During trials, one-third of the study's participants were given a common drug called nifedipine, another third took an ounce of a specially made blend of sesame and rice bran oils to use in cooking every day, and the last third took the drug and cooked with the blended oils. All three control groups were treated for 60 days.

In the end, researchers found that all three groups, including the one not taking the medication, had decreased their blood pressure levels. Many studies will still show in the future the good effects of rice on the human body, but while we wait to have these results, let’s start by increasing our use of all the natural medicine that is around us.