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Summer Terraces & Balconies You Won't Stop Fantasizing About

During lazy summer days and evenings, there is always a nostalgic element when time is spent under the sunshine in a chic outdoor living area. Moreover, we secretly seek balconies when purchasing a new home knowing the financial and social value they hide behind. Good weather is an important factor when investing in your family terrace or balcony, otherwise it’s going to end up being an extra storage area.

These are some considerations to help you choose a terrace.

- Invest in an durable outdoor umbrella to shield you from the sun’s rays or during rainy periods. This is especially important when the terrace space is coming off the living space, as it will become used more.

- If you have children put fences around the edge and enjoy more time outdoors in the privacy of your home.

- Even when it gets too hot in the day time, you can still enjoy your personal outdoor space by using it in the early morning or late afternoon.

- Owning an unused balcony costs you money anyway if you care to keep it in good shape, such as maintenance and fighting pests and molds. So why not enjoy what you are already paying for?

- If you are wanting to use your terrace for family and friends gatherings, then you ought to have some entertainment or attraction laid on: a portable pool, a BBQ set, ping pong table, basketball net, sun tanning chairs and other activities will attract use.

- When maintaining your home consider your balconies too, because they’re probably poorly painted and completely exposed to extreme weather conditions, so they will eventually have to be torn off and replaced if not maintained properly

- Few decide to give up the open air for extra space by installing glass fronts, even though this choice is the most expensive, and it definitely doesn’t allow for heat/chill loss, or long-term maintenance.

- Most architects design balconies for shading and for building design: you can use that point too! Give your balcony some sense of differentiation from the rest of your house, to give a visual twist for residents.

- Avoid the tendency to use your balcony as extra storage during extreme weather because you never know when the climate will change and you can get yourself enjoy coffee time outdoors.

- When buying outdoors furniture don’t fantasize unwisely. Plan to purchase what you will use because it is a a lot of money to spend on a commodity that’s wasteful, if it is often not seen and seldom used all year around.