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The top breakfast mistakes

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but what people do not know about this meal is that if they skip it, there could be adverse effects on their weight.

- Juicing your fruit: When you press your blender to juice oranges, remember that this process causes the fruit to lose most of its vitamins, minerals and fibre. Instead, replace your juice with a glass of water and a whole fruit.

- Eating anything: Eating whatever you want cannot help you escape from those extra calories. It is a common myth that eating whatever you wish after a long gap of fasting will not make you gain weight. Oily foods, waffles, and especially last night’s leftover dinner can lead to extra calorie consumption.

- Beware of breakfast treats: The tempting doughnuts and muffins can cause as much as an entire meal's caloric consumption. When placed in front of you, take a deep breath and realize that you have set healthy lifestyle changes in place, and decline them.

- Monitor your caffeine intake: One cup of coffee or tea could help boost your mood and metabolism, but avoid drinking multiple cups of coffee. This can cause sleep deprivation and coffee extracts can affect your body negatively.

- Unhealthy breakfast: Eat a fist full of nuts, a bowl of cereal and a whole fruit instead of chocolate pancakes, muffins and mayo sandwiches. High calorie and high fat items can cause a sugar spike and recurring spikes could cause health issues.