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Things You Should Stop Buying On Sale

Maybe our article should have been titled:

“Stuff I shouldn’t buy because I never needed it in the first place!” or maybe: “Things I bought and never used.” Check our fashion buying tips and decide how many purchases you have made from this list.

Quality vs. Price

You might be waiting for sales to get that leather jacket for quarter price, but let’s face it, we all tend to check for good bargains. Of course, there are plenty of brands that are a good catch when on sale but always beware of spending more money on clothing that will end up collecting dust in your closet. Another tip is to check out the material: natural fibers like silk and cotton are a better catch than other manufactured fabrics like polyester.

Like but don’t always buy

How many times do we encounter a situation that makes us say: “Oh, I like this jacket and it’s for half price!” But we miss considering if the jacket suits our style or if it matches with anything that we already own. Remember that each fashion piece is part of a two or three-piece outfit put together.

Birds of a feather DON’T flock together

Let’s say you are passionate about red or blue skinny jeans: do you need two pairs of them? Even if a garment looks great on you, don’t apply the concept of eating to your closet. Three cakes may be great, but who needs three white shirts, or three knitted jumpers of the same pattern all at the same time? Just because you like something, doesn't mean you need more than one of it.

Don’t Shop For the Shape You Wish You Were

Unless you are losing weight during post-partum, avoid shopping for the body you aim to reach. The same applies when buying an item that is simply not your style.

Avoid online shopping

No matter how wonderful an item is, it always looks less charming in real life. Every outfit will shine when seen on an ultra-skinny model with the perfect light and perfect photo angle. Nevertheless, cheap items online are displayed well to look like any other item.