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Top 10 Women Jobs

Not only do women report high gratification rates in this job, children’s attitudes tend to shine under female guidance, which obviously resembles a mother’s compassion.

School Teacher

Women who are shy and cautious by nature have often made media profession choices and headed towards radio & audio media. Moreover, radio programs with female leads usually gain devoted followers.

Radio & audio Media

Due to the cultural impact, Arabic women have traditionally been the primary images for news, talk shows and documentaries. This may be simply explained by the importance of a feminine presence among rough media masculine types.

Visual Media

These are top professions excelled in by women:
There is a stereotype that women working in certain fields fail to pass their emotional limits, and hence don’t succeed, but real life stories prove every day that women are earning high posts.

and now more women are working hard to surpass themselves and achieve accomplishments across many sectors.
Over the past number of years, women’s involvement in many job sectors has increased significantly,


Nursing is another occupation that can fully match a woman’s caring and healing nature. At the same time, female nurses with good education and a smile are those chosen to be the first line of soothing and comfort for sick and injured people.


Taking care of her appearance is one of the practical realities that exist for women in every culture. For that reason alone, women often excel in the Beauty sector more.

Fashion Designer

Though male designers dominate the fashion design industry, it is easier for women to succeed in fashion more than men, because of their basic nature of being well dressed and combining suitable fabrics and cuts.

Human Resources Specialist:

History has proven that there are more women in HR professions than men, due to the essential role of welfare involved in HR, which is highly suited to women.


Women place more significance on administrative jobs more than men, a job that requires patience and good interpersonal skills.


Pharmacy is one of the oldest professions in history; and women comprise more than half of the pharmacists worldwide. Being a growing field with its multi-disciplined approach, women tend to have instinctive skills of diagnosis. And though it’s normally the medical practitioner job, a pharmacist should be able to correlate between symptoms and suitable chemical ingredients.

Physical Therapy

This is another profession that has been practiced massively by women throughout history. Moreover, becauee it’s not only for older people, since children and adolescents need it too, it needs a mother’s touch to heal.