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Tricks to getting beautiful hair

All women suffer hair products and hair styles in order to get the “perfect hair”. We can’t promise “perfect”, but here are a few tips to help you maintain a good hairstyle:

- Although you might think short hair is low maintenance and less time consuming, the opposite is usually true. Short cuts require frequent trims and more styling than shoulder length or longer ones. Also, short hair can't be put into a twist or ponytail when you're short on time.

- Make sure not to have too many layers in your cuts. Heavy, choppy layers require more regular cutting, and it's often hard to make them look good at home without a lot of effort.

-To extend your time between cuts, protect your ends! Split ends and breakage are often what send you running to your stylist. Shampoo less often, condition your ends, and apply a heat protector before blow-drying.

- If your roots are beginning to show and you want to mask them for a night out, try a color spray or, if you’re in a hurry and see a few gray hairs, use mascara or dark eye shadow to also cover them up.

- To quickly style a blunt cut with long layers, start by blow-drying using your hands instead of a brush. When your hair is still slightly wet, apply a few drops of shine serum and finish drying while running a brush over just the outer sections.

- If you want to have nice soft waves in your hair, just wash your hair before bed, then towel-dry and smooth in a light mousse or gel. Roll hair into two and secure with elastics you'll wake up to amazing waves