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Turkish Bath in your Bathroom!

How many times have you thought about going to the Turkish bath, but failed to do so because of your daily routines, pressure and requirements of your family? Every women dreams of this bath that will get her skin glowing and will take away all the stress of her daily life. One of the important features of a Turkish bath is that is has several treatments all in one, traditional and harmless. Here are the steps on how to prepare a Turkish bath in your home without the trouble of leaving your home.

What you'll need:

Natural soap

Fiber peeling for the body

Clay or a normal pealing cream

Rose water

Baby Oil Skin Moisturizer

Bath method:

- Start by opening very hot water in the bathtub or in a large bowl, which will cause the escalation of steam.

- After the bathroom is fully steamed, add a bit of cold water to the bathtub and then melt the natural soap in it and wash yourself with it for 20 minutes.

- Scrub your body well with circular movements from the inside out and do not forget the soles of the feet and elbows.

- Wash it all well then put a layer of clay or pealing cream and let it rest for 15 minutes and then remove the dry layer with circular movements.

- Rinse your body with warm water and then wipe your body with a layer of baby oil then wash yourself well.

- Dry yourself well and sprinkle few drops of rose water so that your pores will all close back.

- Put a thin layer of cream moisturizer once done, and enjoy your smooth and hydrated skin for many days.