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Weird and Nutritious Food Combinations

Nature is rich in thousands of foods that substitute many supplements and have an effective role in the prevention of many diseases, particularly in the fight against cancer while aging and improving memory. There are varieties of vegetables and fruits that we eat constantly without knowing about their enormous benefits as well as some foods that we've never seen before, here are a few:

Purple cabbage:

It is characterized by its light weight compared to other types of cabbage and the taste is not very different from them, purple cabbage contains antioxidants and elements that help the liver and kidneys to get rid of toxins that can damage cells and increase the risk of cancer.

Colored carrots:

There are purple carrots that are grown in America and parsnips from the Far East, and both are rich in Beta Carotene which is a lipid vehicle that can not be drawn from the animal kingdom and is perfect for people who eat diets rich in Carotene giving them a strong health overall and a lower mortality rate because they prevent the effectiveness of harmful chemical roots for the body and help in alleviating the weight, and controling glucose levels.

Sweet potato:

It is more like a full meal of vitamins as it contains a high amount of vitamin B, which protects against heart attacks and they are a good source of vitamin C, which plays an important role in bone and teeth formation and helps the cells in the production of collagen, which in turn helps to maintain the elasticity of the skin and its freshness. It is also important to help the body to get vitamin D, which we generally do not get enough of and only from adequate sunlight which helps build healthy bones and preserves the heart, nerves, skin and dental health, it also supports the work of the thyroid gland.

Colored asparagus:

Unlike the familiar green asparagus there are also white and purple asparagus, all of which are a good source of vitamin B, calcium, magnesium, zinc, protein, vitamin A, vitamin C, folic acid, iron, phosphorus, potassium, copper, manganese, selenium, as well as chromium, a metal that enhances the ability of insulin to transport glucose from the bloodstream to the cells.

Colored Bell Peppers:

Characterized by its hard and thick skin and a sharper flavor than green peppers, and it does not contain any salts as its an ideal source of vitamin C. It also contains a large amounts of soluble fiber that can help lower cholesterol in the blood.