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What can your nail polish do

There are many surprising things that nail polish can do other than its usual function of making nails pretty and strong.

Here are few things that will surely surprise you and will come in handy when needed:

Prevent new costume jewellery from tarnishing with clear nail polish.

When air hits the metal, the metal oxidizes and changes color. Clear lacquer locks out the air, helping keep your costume jewellery looking new.

Prevent a run in your stockings from getting worse with clear nail polish.

You've been there: You're at work or an event and notice you have a run in your tights. To keep it from getting worse, keep a mini bottle of clear nail polish with you and paint it over the tear. As it hardens, it will help stop the run in its tracks.

Instantly change the color of costume jewellery with nail polish.

If you're tired of that old statement necklace, dangling earrings, or cocktail ring, change the look it by painting the faux jewels with a pop of color, like neon green, orange, pink, or even a chic white shade to create your own DIY version.

Thread a needle faster by running the thread over a base or top coat.

If you're trying to sew on a button and the thread is frayed, it can be really frustrating to try to fish the thread through the tiny needle's hole. But, if you drag the cut thread through the a nail polish brush a few times, it will harden the thread and allow you to slip it right through the needle's eye with ease.

Paint your keys so that you can tell which key is for which lock

If you just moved into a new house, an easy way to remember which key goes with what lock is to color-code your keys. Also, it makes your keychain look that much prettier. And don't worry, a coat or two won't interfere with your key slipping into the key hole.