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What does your ‪‎fetus‬ learn from you during ‪‎pregnancy‬

Pregnancy and reproduction of the most beautiful blessings experienced by the women in their lives this experience alone creates a special bond between them and the child, putting the nucleus of a distinct relationship between them that cannot be explained by anyone. Recent studies have revealed that the psychological and linguistic development of the child begin while he is still a fetus in the womb and in particular during the last ten weeks of pregnancy. Studies have assured that the fetus can hear the voice of his mother while in the womb, which confirms the theories calling to talk to the fetus during the last months of pregnancy, suggesting that the brain does not wait to go out to the world to start learning

?What can you baby learn in the womb

Babies gets a certain amount of sensory information in the womb with the beginning of the third trimester, it has been noted that music interaction has increased the baby’s heart rate and increased its movement and alerting, which explains the calmness of newborns when they hear it again after leaving as they interact with them and open their eyes because the sound is familiar and they have already hear it in the womb. .

It is also believed that the fetus develops its sense of taste from the age of 20 weeks due to the fact that the food system is received from the mother through the placenta surrounding it. The flavors he once loved remain with him during lactation and after weaning. If the mother during her pregnancy multiplied the intake of orange juice a child tends to drink more orange juice at the age of two

How does the baby develop in the womb?

There are three main ways in which the child learns in the wombs

Diversification: the child tends to get used to everything surrounding him in a mother's womb familiar voices of people, music, and other diverse voices.

Repetition: As in the normal process of education, the need for them to learn by repeating begins while in the womb.

Connecting things together: if a child is used to hearing the noise around you while you’re pregnant and sleeping there is a high probability the habit sticking with him after giving birth