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What To Eat After Working Out

The food you eat after hitting the gym just may be the most important food you eat all day. Muscles store excess energy in the form of glycogen and protein and, when you work out, the body burns fuel from your pre-workout meal, then it breaks down glycogen stored in muscles.

So what are the best foods to eat after hitting the gym?

Eggs: Protein and carbs are the two keys to a good post-workout meal. Eggs have the former covered. However it is preferable to only eat the egg whites as they are the part packed with proteins.

Orange Juice: In addition to vitamin C, you’ll also get significantly more potassium than you would from popular sports drinks, which are generally intended for use during extended exercise, not after. Potassium is an important electrolyte that helps the body restore its fluid levels. Orange juice also works well for protein shakes.

Bananas: They are high in the “good” kinds of carbs you need after a workout. These fast-acting carbs will help restore your body’s levels of glycogen, which helps rebuild damaged muscles. And they provide lots of wonderful potassium.

Salmon: Not only will you get a large dose of protein, but the anti-inflammatory omega-3’s found in salmon will help rebuild your muscles and increase performance.