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What to wear under Abaya Jilbab

Most women willspend a lot of time choosing their Abaya, considering all the tiny details while not giving much time to what she wears under it.

 Below are few ideas that we recommend you follow next time you put your Abaya on and go out:

- If your Abaya’s cut is tight wear a dress or skirt underneath.

- An Abaya with large prints, needs plain clothes underneath so your overall look does not seem crowded.

- If your Abaya has wide sleeves, wear a tight top under it with long sleeves. Make sure you choose a matching color. On the contrary, if your Abaya’s sleeves are tight, make sure you wear a body top under it so your sleeves won’t show zigzags.

- Although theAbaya is a practical outfit, it does not mean that clothes worn under it are outdated, as there are always a chance of being exposed while getting in or out of the car not to mention walking outdoors in windy conditions.

- Just as women tend to carefully choose what they wear for a social gatherings, choose your under Abaya clothes accordingly even if you didn’t have plans to take it off. For instance, a red shirt is not appropriate for consolation visits, while extremely tight pants do not suitlong periods of shopping. Moreover, a lacy skirt with multiplelayers is certainly not suitable to spend an active day outwith your children.

-  Most Abayas begin to fade after laundering, so check any piece of clothing you decide to wear under the newly cleaned Abaya twice.

-  A very long Abaya gathers dust and dirt on the edges which will inevitably stain your under clothes, so avoid white or light colors in general.

-  Whether yourunder clothes smellgood (like perfume)or bad (because of working in the kitchen), it is better to change them because scents move quickly between clothes. Similarly, if part of your under clothes getwet it is better to dry them before putting your Abaya on again.

-  In general, try wearing light cotton clothing under your Abaya especially if you are stayingout the house for a long time.Avoid heavy fabrics if it is not cold as it will make you perspire and it shows bumpy shapes which is extremely undesirable.

-  Light color clothing not only reflects heat,unlike dark clothing, wearing bright clothes under black willenhance your own mood since it conserves black.

-  Avoid wearing high necks or hoodies which would make you look like a hunch back under an Abaya. “V” shaped and round necks are the most appropriate.