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What Your Habits Say About You

Behaviorists and psychologistswho study human behavior will tell you that a habit is something we repeat almost subconsciously andthat they tell a lot about who we are.

 If you have habits that are conducive to organizing, thenyou will be organized. On the other hand, if your habits are self-destructive you will indulge in things like smoking no matter who preaches you. Habits can easily become an obsession – the dark side of habits.

Brushing and flossing your teeth could become an unhealthy obsession, just as an addiction to junk food could kill you slowly.

So what do our most pervasive habits say about us?

- Need to followup a lot of television programs and spenda long time in front of the screen to an extent that it blocks other life activities?T.V addiction indicates the presence of an emotional gap in family tiesand /or marital complications that force a person search for missing links in fictional drama.

- The reverse behavior to T.V addiction is a withdrawal attitude (a refusal to follow any entertainment program). Though it seems acceptable in theory, it indicates a lack of ability to empathize and harmonize with others to some extent.

- In reference to daytime napping habits, while maintaining a regular napping ritual suggests intelligence, clear thinking and refusal to be controlled, unplanned napping during the day may indicate a vivacious and solid personality that doesn’t accept defeat and prefer prudence in their decision-making.

- In contrast, there arepeople who are proud to say "I do not nap." This indicates a self-reliant personality that refuses to waste time. These people are very careful in financial matters and relatively quiet.

- In today’s fast paced lifestyle we tend to catch up with as many achievable tasks in a day as possible. If you're someone who keeps moving to complete a lot and hardly sits in one place for a long time that shows curiosity as well as a dynamic personality.

- However, if you tend to sit in one place for a long time without a break, then you area quiet character who simply masters their work and do not interfere in the lives of others.

- How do you prefer to spend your annual bonus?Do you purchase designerclothes and accessories? Or run away on an exotic holiday? Your choice dramaticallyindicates your personality.If you tend to spend money on sensual things such as traveling and restaurants, thenthat showsliberation and social personality. While if you spend on materialistic things such as clothes and antiques, thenit indicates your lack of real happiness since you are a victim ofpsychological pressure.

- When you organize a banquet at your home; do you prepare weeks before and take it seriously choosingthe right menu and dining accessories? Or do you prepare like you do daily mealswhile taking into consideration a bigger volume? If you arrange for the party like any other gatheringthis means you live your life in a simple manner and do not allow space for mental or emotional pressure. However,if you attentively prepare prior a long time then that reveals a person committed to traditional practices and social constraints.