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What Your Smart Phone Does To Your Spine

Are smartphones a pain in the neck? According to new research carried out by a US doctor, they are far worse – “text neck” is becoming an epidemic that could lead to permanent damage.

The posture we adopt as we stare at our phones, increases the stress on the neck and can cause excessive wear and tear that may eventually require an operation to correct it.

With smartphone users now spending an average of two to four hours a day with their heads dropped down, this results in 700 to 1,400 hours a year of excess stresses seen about the cervical spine, according to the research.

This can cause head pain, neck pain, arm pain and numbness, a normal standing position is facing forward and all the curves of your neck and spine are in correct alignment. But when you drop your chin on to your chest for a long period you are stretching the whole structure.

Use voice recognition and make phone calls instead, and take regular breaks and alter your texting positions to avoid problems.