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Whole Grain Rice Benefits

As its name implies whole grain rice has bran left on it.

That’s why it’s longer than regular rice & takes longer time to cook. Some scientists consider whole grain rice to be a grain, and so they categorize it as part of cereals and other grains.

Health benefits of whole grain rice

Whole grain rice has much higher levels of multi vitamins and minerals than non-grained rice. It’s also a great source of manganese and selenium, two minerals that protect body against free radicals besides cutting chronic diseases risk such as diabetes, cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Whole grain rice also is proven scientifically as antioxidant. It protects the DNA within body cells from damage caused by free radical cells, when choosing antioxidant foods we boost our own defense systems against cancer.

Whole grain rice and weight control

Rice is a main staple in most of the cultures around the world, mainly Asia where obesity, breast and colon cancer rates are markedly lower than any other part around the world. This proves that consuming whole grain rice instead of non-grain rice is advantageous with respect to cancer prevention and weight control, BMI and body fat reduction and an increase in good HDL.