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Worldwide Traditional Children Breakfasts

No matter how different our habits and our social traditions with meal times, breakfast is known to be the most important meal during the day, especially for children who need to gain the necessary energy for their bodies during school time.

As it varies naturally from one country to another, the basic needs of the body of protein and carbohydrates do not change. It is worth mentioning that milk with corn flex is the most common among the children of the world as well as eggs and bread in the Middle Eastern countries, while in Asian countries children usually have lentils and rice, and in Latin American countries, children begin their day eating red beans with rice.

Here is a quick round of famous breakfast meals from around the world:

Turkey is the most influential cuisine over Arab countries; Turkish cuisine includes traditional toast, olives and hard-boiled or fried eggs and white cheese, as well as tomatoes and fresh vegetables.

France’s children also have bread with butter and jam, corn flakes with milk and orange juice which is a key element in the winter for the prevention of colds.

In Japan, the breakfast consists of boiled rice and steamed soybeans, eggs and sometimes grilled salmon and fresh vegetables soup.

Breakfast in Belgium consists of oatmeal, butter and fruits as well as fresh milk.

In the neighboring countries such as The Netherlands, children usually have bread with butter and jam, which comes with various flavors.

In South of Brazil, children usually have bacon and cheese and traditional baked corn with potatoes.

No matter how different these habits are, it is known that parents around the world provide their children with Calcium and Proteins in the morning.