Chef Abukass Recipes

Chicken Biryani

Preparation time:
1 Hour 30 Min



Delicious dish that you must try, coming all the way from India and becoming a global favorite for many people. Serve it during your gathering or to your family for a scrumptious experience

Ingredients Description

1 Cup Rice 

2 Potatoes cut into cubs 

2 Onions chopped into cubs

2 Cloves of garlic

1 Chicken cut into quarters

2 ½ tbsp vegetable Oil

Some laurel leaves

2 Tomatoes peeled and chopped 

2 tbsp Yogurt

3 tbsp soya sauce

3 tbsp Biryani spices

Other spices as desired: chili powder, salt, black pepper, turmeric, ginger, cumin. 

Pinch of Saffron

5 pieces of Hill 

1 Cinnamon Stick

Fried pine and almond for decoration


- Wash the chicken then boil it until half cooked, then add to it the spices, laurel leaves, Hill, garlic and cinnamon

- In a cup mix yogurt with soy sauce and add to them salt and biryani spices

- Pour the mixture on the chicken, stir then refrigerator them for a day

- In a pan heat some oil and fry the potatoes, after they are done remove them and fry the boiled chicken until it turns brown reddish

- In a different saucepan heat some oil and put the onions and tomatoes; leave them for 5 minutes

- Add the chicken broth mixture to the saucepan and leave until boiling

- Now add the rice in the saucepan and simmer; 10 min before its cooked add the chicken

- After the rice is cooked, mix the saffron with a little water and sprinkle it over the rice and slightly stir them to mix

- Serve the Biryani in a dish and decorate it with fried potatoes, almonds and pine