Chef Abukass Recipes

Mandi with Meat

Preparation time:
1 Hour 30 Min
Saudi Arabia



This meat and rice dish is considered the most famous and traditional meal for many families during their own gatherings.

Ingredients Description

2 kilos of meat with bine (medium size)

4 cups of rice (washed and soaked for half an hour)

1 onion medium size

½ tsp of black pepper

Salt as desired

2 dried lemons

Cinnamon stick

6 pieces of Hill

½ tsp saffron melted in ½ little bit of water

 ¼ cup of oil

1 Medium-sized charcoal


- Heat the oil in a cooking pan then add the meat and simmer until the meat water is absorbed

- Add 8 cups of boiled water to the meat, with 1 full peeled onion, dried lemons, cinnamon stick, salt and Hill and simmer until the meat is cooked

- Remove the cooked meat from the cooking pan and onto a piece of aluminum foil

- Marinate with black pepper with half the portion of saffron and cover it well

- Place the foil into the oven for 15 min

- Add the rice to the cooking pan that contains the boiled meat broth and leave it until it’s cooked

- After the rice is cooked add the remaining portion of saffron on the top

- On the stove, put a piece of charcoal until it turns red, place it on top of foil then put the foil on top of the rice

- Pour on the hot charcoal some oil and cover the pan

- Simmer the pan for 10 min then serve the rice and meat


Decorate the dish with some fried almond