Chef Abukass Recipes

Meat Kabsa

Preparation time:
2 Hour
Saudi Arabia



A Gulf dish with the widest popularity among rice and meat lovers! One of the most popular dishes despite the ease of its preparation


Ingredients Description

Kilo rice

Kilo sheep meat

2 teaspoons mixed spices

1/2 teaspoon soft hill

1 Teaspoon turmeric

1 Teaspoon soft coriander

1 Teaspoon salt

1/2 Teaspoon black pepper

1/4 Teaspoon grilled chicken

1/4 Cup of Vegetarian oil

2 Medium-sized onions

3 Chopped tomatoes

Green Pepper Pepper

2 Black lemons

Hill, not crushed

1/2 Cup of raisins

1/2 Cup of fried almonds for decoration


- Mix the spices together, add a third of them on the pieces of meat and knead it well to catch the flavor and color

- Heat a little oil in the cooking pot and add the chopped onion, until it’s golden

- Add the meat on the onions until slightly baked and take a golden color, then add on the meat the rest of the spices, chopped tomatoes, and the remaining spices: Hill, cinnamon, black lemon, cloves

- Add the hot green pepper to the mixture, and then add enough water to immerse the meat, and leave the meat to fully ripen

- drain the meat from the broth after it is cooked, boil the broth and then add the soaked and well-washed rice into it

- Leave the rice on high heat in the first five minutes of cooking, and then reduce the heat under the rice, put the meat on the face of rice, and cover until the Kabsa is done about half an hour




Garnish with raisins and fried almonds, then serve it with hot sauce and yogurt