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Rice with Meat The Saudi Way

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Preparation time:
2 Hour
Saudi Arabia



Ingredients Description

1 kilo sheep meat with bones 

8 cups of water

2½ cups of rice (washed) 

2 tablespoon margarine

3 onions (cut) 

1 cup of yogurt

2 tomatoes (cut)

¾ spoon white pepper

¾ spoon of cumin

¾ spoon ground coriander

¾ spoon curcuma

¾ spoon grind Hill

Couple of full anise


3 garlic cloves

Almond for decoration optional

Red chili for decoration optional


- Boil the water in a big pot then add the meat (remove the foam that comes on the surface).

- Cover the pot and leave it on the stove until the meat is cooked, then remove the meat outside the pot.

- Add the rice to the meat soup and keep it boiling for 10 min. then take the rice out in a different pot and leave it until all the water is dried.

- Add the margarine in a new pot; boil it then put the onions until it turn gold.

- Add the meat on the onion, and then we add the yogurt, tomatoes, spices and garlic; stir them for a while.

- Put the rice on the mix and add some meat soup.

- Leave it for 30 min on the stove or until the rice is cooked.

- Serve it and could be decorated with fried almond or red chili.