Chef Abukass Recipes

Broccoli Gratin

Preparation time:
45 Min



Brocoli is a vegetable made famous recently because of the high calcium and proteins and fibers that it contains.

Broccolis are considered rich in antioxidants as they work on the protection from heart disease and cancer tumors and many other health benefits.

Ingredients Description

1/2 cup of Abukass Rice Boiled

1 kg of small cut Brocoli

3 tbsp butter

4 tbsp flour

2 cups liquid milk

1 cup mozzarella cheese or cheddar grated for cooking

1 cup Breadcrumbs


- Prepare the usual Beshamel Sauce and add all of the additional flavors as per your desire and let the mixture boil by stirring constantly until it forms a thick mixture and put it aside once done.

- In the meantime boil the broccoli in boiling water for two minutes and salt them.

- Start preparing the gratin dish by distributing the brocoli in an oven tray as a first layer then adding a layer of cheese and rice and beshamel sauce and a top layer of the rest of the cheese. Put it in the oven.

- In a medium skillet heat butter and breadcrums

- In a medium skillet heat the butter and breadcrumbs until they become golden in color and scatter it over the tray after baking it for 10 min and let the gratin cook for 25 min.


- You can prepare many vegetarian dishes with brocoli and use it exactly like you would use chicken.

- Broccoli is a great alternative for a diet rich in protein and is very tasty as well.