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Egyptian Keshek

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Preparation time:
45 Min



Keshek is a common and popular dish in most Arab countries, especially in Egypt and Iraq and some areas of Syria. Cooking method varies from country to country, but keshek ingredients are the same and made of cereals, grits and dairy product. In some areas of Egypt it’s called keshek Saidi.

- Keshek is rich with protein, and it’s fat-free if it is cooked with no added oils, and if prepared with low-fat milk.

Ingredients Description

½ cup Abukass rice

3 tablespoons oil or margarine

1 onion

2 tbsp. flour

1 teaspoon salt

3 cups chicken/beef broth

1 cup yogurt (or more as desired)

You can add one spoon of tomato paste if desired to entice children trying this dish since it is nutritious, especially if your kids dislike the taste of cooked milk


- Wash and soak rice for 15 minutes and then drain it.

- Chop onion and fry it with oil until it becomes golden, then divide fried onions to two separate portions. To one portion add flour and salt, stir well and then add chicken or meat broth, later add milk and mix well.

- Add rice to the mixture and continue stirring until ingredients become homogenous, and cook on a moderate temperature until the keshek mixture becomes tenacious.


Serving Suggestions:

Keshek is served hot or warm as desired. After you bring Keshek mixture to a flat platter; decorate with roasted onions.