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No Bake Granola Bars

Preparation time:
20 Min



Can you imagine peanut butter in a delicious low fat treat bar? This no-bale recipe is going to be a keeper for your family as these bars are perfect for kid's lunch boxes.

Recipe features:

- Granola bars are the most distinctive sweet treats for athletes.

- Though granola bars are old in many countries, they have emerged in the past few years among young generation due their appealing taste and resulting energy.

Ingredients Description

1½ Cups Rice Krispy’s

1½ Cups oats

½ Cup raisins

½ Cup Peanut butter

½ Cup brown sugar

½ Cup honey

Nuts, seeds or coconut if desired

Chocolate chips if desired


- Prepare baking dish and lightly grease.

- In a large bowl, combine Rice Krispy’s, oats and raisins.

- In a medium saucepan; stir honey and brown sugar on low heat until hot. Remove from heat and stir in peanut butter, mix until well combined.

- In a bowl, combine remaining dry ingredients, then pour over peanut butter mixture; mix to combine.

- Transfer the mixture into baking dish, push evenly down into the pan with wet hands. Immediately slice with sharp knife (Bar sizes as desired). You can keep in fridge for firmer granolas.


Serve with black coffee or hot chocolate.