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Pineapple Coconut Curry Fried Rice

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Preparation time:
1 Hour



- This is a classic Thai dish that is very easy to prepare at home.

- It’s on the top of vegetarian favorites.

- You can add peas, and flavored sauces as desirable.

- You can use fresh pineapple or canned pineapple chunks.

- It’s better to use a non-stick skillet instead of a wok.

Ingredients Description

1½          Cup of chopped pineapple

4              pineapple chunks

½             cup chopped cilantro

1              tbsp. minced garlic

1              tbsp.  Curry Powder

½             tbsp. of Japanese red pepper)

3½          tbsp. of raw coconut flakes

2              cups of cooked AbuKass rice

1              whole Serrano pepper

¼ cup raw almonds or any preferred nuts

2              tbsp. of teriyaki sauce


- Mix together the pineapple juice, spices, and teriyaki sauce, stir, and set aside.

- Toast the coconut flakes light brown and set aside.

- Place the crushed pineapple chunks and the Serrano pepper into the Wok, and begin cooking. Then, add the garlic and chopped cilantro until they wilt. Add all of the rice, and pineapple chunks.

- Add the pineapple juice and spices mixture and stir till the whole mixture is coated and heated through. Add the toasted coconut and the raw nuts.


Serving suggestions:

Once removed to the serving plate discard the Serrano pepper that’s been cooking with the rice, and top with the rest of the toasted coconut.