Chef Abukass Recipes

Rice Cake

Preparation time:
45 Min



This sweet recipe contains nutritious and tasty new components so do not hesitate to give it to your children whenever you can.

The recipe features:

- This special rice cake’s taste does not resemble any other dish, so it is ideal for children and the elderly.

- This dish is rich in the good kind of carbohydrates that provide the body with the necessary energy and nutrients.

Ingredients Description

1 cup of Abukass Rice

2 eggs

½ cup boiling water

½ teaspoon salt

2 small tablespoon butter

1 cup milk

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- Start by boiling the rice and salt in the water and let the rice cook on low heat until the water evaporates (the process takes 10 minutes).

- Add the milk and keep stirring gently until the rice is cooked.

- Whisk one egg with two tablespoons of butter and add them to the mixture and toss well, move the mixture to another bowl and cover it and put it in the refrigerator.

- Whisk the second egg in a flat dish with a bit of breadcrumbs.

- After half an hour shape the rice in whatever shape you like and then roll them in the egg and breadcrumbs before frying them in a medium skillet pan with the remaining quantity of butter.


Serve the cakes hot or warm with a glass of juice or ice tea