Chef Abukass Recipes

Sushi Rolls

Preparation time:
20 Min
very easy



Sushi is a seasonal Japanese dish that has become international due its cheesy shape and extraordinary taste that appeals to almost everybody consisting of cooked vinegared rice. Traditional Sushi comes with basic ingredients but nowadays it is prepared with local additions depending on the area of serving.

Recipe features:

-  Sushi is usually made of raw fish or other seafood, vinegar and rice.

-  Non-Japanese fans use the term sushi for almost any Japanese rolls while Sushi refers to any dish made with vinegared rice (Shari).

-  While assembling method of these rolls are quiet similar, variety arises from fillings, toppings, condiments, and preparation.

Ingredients Description
  • 2  cups AbuKass rice
  • 4  Nori sheets
  • 20 Shrimps or crab, long
  • 20 Avocado or cucumber slices, long and thin
  • ¼ Cup white vinegar

- Slice avocado and cucumber into long and thin slices.

- Mix steamed cooked rice with vinegar.

-  Set nori sheet on flat space and spread the rice horizontally by the edge.

-  Add avocado and cucumber on top.

-  Line up shrimps and crab.

-  Roll it inside-out and cut the endings. Cut into pieces.


Garnish with sesame seeds, poppy seeds or caviar and enjoy your handmade sushi.